Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January 6, 2010

wow, pretty nice for 2010. still here at home. jobless. waiting for some confirmation from a friend if the interviews gonna be scheduled already. still no word yet. earlier this day, i had some pretty rough words from my parents. obliging me to find myself work so they could get me off their backs for christsake. i'm 26 years old waiting for something good to happen to me, hopefully it happens as early as now and hopefully it makes me jump out for joy. nothing has gone good to in the year 2009, had a nice job but i gotta tell you, it bores me every time i do my daily routine, walking inside the building, flashing my id to the guards then riding the elevator going 14th. going to the locker area, getting my toothbrush, walk my path to the loo and do my share of shit for the whole day. prepare to login in 15 minutes then take the rest of it talking to idiots who really really care less of their surroundings, instead of walking to the place they need to get to, they still get to their lousy phone and manage to do one call but in the end getting irate knowing the rates after calling our damn services. fact of the matter is, they still are too lazy, i bet my ass, they all are. for crying out loud, do yourself some favor people! use your legs. that's used for walking or running for emergencies. don't be stupid and waste money on the phone when you could get there faster than the phone rings with us. you people bore me, no offense but it really really does. knowing the fact that a call costs right around .75 pounds per call, why waste money calling instead of walking straight to where you're headed. for example,(mind you followers, this is the most laziest and stupidest calls that iv'e ever encountered in that office) calling for a plumber that IS IN FACT RIGHT BESIDE THEIR HOUSE!!!!!!!! i mean how stupid or lazy could that be. and imagine after that call, customer even got irate, again, because of the price that he is paying. not using his head, instead of walking right to his plumber's doorstep, he still made that call and crap, it was so expensive, he cited to me. here are his exact words, "HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BILL ME THIS CALL AT THIS RATE WHERE IN FACT I AM JUST 20 FEET AWAY MEASURING MY HOUSE TO HIS DOORSTEP?" i answered and i quote, "WHY SHOULD YOU EVEN CALL US IF YOU KNOW THE PLUMBER'S HOME IS JUST BESIDE YOU? NOT BEING UNETHICAL TO OUR CUSTOMERS BUT PLEASE TRY TO USE YOUR RESOURCES. BE WISE, YOU'RE GIVEN YOUR FEET! USE IT!" very very funny but stupid experience. i handed the customer his logic and he even thanked my guts for being so prank with him but what do i get from my boss, a warning! warning if i get to be heard by the british bosses roaming around our area. i mean WTF?!!!! right?

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