Thursday, December 31, 2009

a way of a start!

well, as we all know, we end a year with a big bang... ups and downs are vital as we go along with our life. for me, it has been a lot for this year. my own count-down has started. right now, it's exactly 9.5 hrs to the year 2010. as i sit here on my room taking a flashback on my own history, i tend to think this blog as a vital part of me. i wanna start my year right. this way, making this blog possible is big a way of reminding me things that i need to do to keep my life on a straight line. checking my path out ever so perfectly. it also would be my delorian .

BEST Part of My Year:
a remarkable part of my life, been able to stick to my job for a year without ever suffering boredom.

WORST Part of My Year:
after my first year has done good for me, i've gone through a lot. there was an officemate of mine who has been making a jackass of some people who love them. specifically, what this person has done was to establish a relationship which for me, on my own justification, a violation of some other people's rights. in short, this guy has cheated his family. how does it get connected to me you ask? this guy introduced his wife to me through facebook. of course, me, being ever so friendly that i am, considered her as a friend. after a few months that me and another officemate was staying at our dorm, they tagged me as the spoiler. they tagged as a gossip guy. these bunch of guys that i was with were cheaters to their partners. they eventually tagged me as the person who told their partners about their hidden conspiracies. however, i'm not the only guy that has caught them. here's an irony, you're trying not to get involved with these kind of things, keeping your business to yourself, however, you eventually get tagged without doing anything shit. i mean how is it possible? it gets connected to my job cause these guys, they see them inside the work area as the guys who have charisma. i myself have some charisma as well however, its not really visible for lowlife guys who present themselves to be the good guys. not really my thing anymore. i quit my job because of that. i quit not to be a quitter but to find development and good work environment for myself. tis not being so healthy for me on this kind of shit. its enough for me. a good start is what i really need.

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