Tuesday, July 27, 2004



BONAX n. bobong tatanga tanga
AMUKI adj. strong and offensive smell
YASUY adj. beautiful; characterized by beauty
TANG YANG YAN n. an expression used when the boys of a class become relentless
ALIEN n. agree, admit
DASNATIER n. the term given to somebody who
commits robbery inside the classroom
ISTABLIS v. means to make firm or stable territory
KENTRY n. a nation or it’s territory
NATZPATURO v. the act of approaching Nathaniel
Balita for some guitar lessons.
KABUTZ n. students who cut classes every TTH or MWF
MAPOOTIBA v. the expression used after putting powder
on the face
GUITARIC n. a person who suffers from G.A.S.(Guitar
Addictus Syndrome)
UMMLIKESTUFF n. expressions used by June Casuay
PENGENGPAPER n. the act of begging a classmate for
a paper
MAMTAYMNA n. an expression used when the students
are already hungry
NAGMAMARUNONG n. term given to students who
think they know everything
BABANA v. means to tell your classmates to go for the
SECAN n. next after the first
BERIRONG adj. incorrect
PERAMSALAMIN v. to borrow mirror from your classmate,
obsessed with your own reflection
PENGENGPOWDER v. to beg for powder for self beautification
NAGNGANGALIT n. a term given to students or teachers who
show aggressiveness
TUKNENENG n. eggballs; synonym (qwek-qwek)
DALMASYAN n. troop’s favorite color of bra
BURNEK n. hair on your butt
BOPAKS adj. someone who tries to show off but fails; (in short
bobong pa – cute)
MELETIKS adj. a person full of art (in short, maarte)
ANGENGAY-ANGENGAY v. term said when teachers are fed up
with lazy and noisy students
NAYSBANS adj. term referring to any nice butt
ONEFINEASS adj. another term for nice butt
DoctorNATZiemsick adj. term referring to a student changing
answers in his or her test paper just to get a passing
HITTERS n, persons who win from pusoy dos but doesn’t have
pusoy dos
ISTIBOL n. stable
STADYING n. the manner of reading your lessons and
understanding it
AH-AH n. the manner of forgetting what you say and putting your
hand at the back of your head
POND’S SESSION v. the manner of cleaning one’s face using
Pond’s Products
PENGENGKENDI v. the manner of begging for candy
JETTPANGAN n. person who keeps on playing Jet plane on the

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