Tuesday, July 27, 2004

poetry for your delight


The sun shines brightly
Up where the clouds from their masterpiece
Below are happy mingling people
And I am one of them

We stared at the lucid pond water
We looked at the lovely trees
Marveling at the beauty we see
Wishing it would last forever
The beautiful moments and its glee

As we go forth to our own lives
As we leave the scenery behind
I looked back and stared once more
To capture the picture in my heart

But I realized that I couldn’t
Because there’s another scene playing in my mind
There’s another memory etched in my heart
I guess I never really looked at the beauty
Like the first time I’m here with you
Because my eyes are blurred with another memory
Of the time you said goodbye to me… 


Life is full of mysteries
There’s no end to the series
You don’t know why you’re happy or sad
And sometimes life makes you mad

Life is like Mother Nature
It has to be loved and it has to be nurtured
Some people say it’s a mission
And some people say its full of reasons

One question that people keep on asking
Is that where life came from
And why are there human beings
Scientists say its from evolution
The bible says it’s God’s creation
We really don’t know which one is true
But we must keep striving to make it through 

The Day You Came

As I sit here in this room
With my friends one Friday afternoon,
As the wind blows by my face
As the birds came chirping by the window
You past by with a meaningful hi
Then I looked into your eyes
I can see myself, only me
No one else

As time passes by
We talk like best of friends
Until time has come
For us to be apart again

Now I sit here in my room
As the moon shines outside
As the wind blows in the night
I said to myself
That I’ll always remember
I’ll never forget
That the day you came
You made the happiness in me remain. 

Peace of Mind

In the midst of the night
I was standing there
All alone by myself
Thinking about the reason
Why things still go on

By the memories of the past
I’d like to hide and run away
But still the shadows follow me

Trying to create a new life
Trying to get out of my past
And when the sun rises
Trying to lope to the new trend of life

I don’t know how long
Will I get peace of mind
It shattered everywhere
Should I pick the pieces up again?
Or let it be? 

Torn Apart

Call ourselves lovers
Both with dreams as tall as towers
Swore that we won’t let go
Will be together
Climbing mountains high and low

We’ve shared
Love and happiness, pain, regrets
And even our deepest secrets
Laughter and tears; triumphs and fears
Hard work and leisure
Even achievements and failures

Now, how could we stand together?
When I know I need to go
I’d find and try to try to recover
But without you, I don’t know,


Although you may not love me
Although you may not care
If you shall ever need me
You know that I’ll be there

Your love may all be taken
Your heart may not be free
But when your heart is broken
You can always lean on me

I’ll never stop loving you
I know because I’ve tried
And all the oceans in the world
Can’t hold the tears I’ve cried 

A Forgotten Love

They stood on the beach
Hand in hand
And beneath their feet
Lay the golden sand

The sand of the future
And of history
The sand of time
When love was free

As free as a dove
On a carefree flight
And as welcome as the stars
On a winter’s night

The love that once raged
With a million sparks
Was now but a flicker
In the lover’s hearts

Even together
They were all alone
For the love that had been
Was no longer known. 

For Love

In the dark where I did well
I met a girl I loved so well
There she took my heart from me
Now she wants to set me free

One day he put a stranger upon his knee
She told him things she never told me
Now I know the reason why
The boy is much better than I

I went home to cry one my bed
Not a single word to my mother I said
My dad came home late at night
He searched for me from left to right

Then, on my door he surely broke
He found me, hanging on a rope
He took a knife and cut me down
And on my desk this note he found:
“Dig my grave and dig it deep
With marble stones from head to feet
And above my head, please put a dove
To show the world I did it for love.” 


Come to me my angel, I’ve missed you for so long
It seems that I just blinked my eyes
To find that you were gone
You left behind my memories,
You left behind my tears

You looked on as a little girl, crushed beneath her fears
And that little girl grew older
But she always missed your touch
And she never would forget why she needed you so much
To chase away the monsters, to scare away the cold
You were her protector and an angel to behold
The shadows grew less scary, or so it would appear

But down inside she couldn’t hide, the root of all her fears
That one day you might leave her here, helpless and alone
To face all the monsters and to do so on her own 

And though part of me is angry,
And asks, “how could you leave?”
The closer that you are to me, the less that I believe
That you’ll leave me with the sureness
And the speed from which you came
To call for your protection, to pray for you in vain
So I tell myself I won’t begin, to doubt the things you do
For doubting means I run the risk of losing faith in you… 

A Creed To Live By

Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others
It is because we are different that each of us is special
Don’t set your goals by what other people deem important to it
Only you know what is best for you

Don’t take for granted the things close to your heart
Cling to them as you would your life
For without life is meaningless
Don’t let your life slip to your fingers
By living in the past or for the future
By living your life one day at a time
You live all the days of your life
Don’t give up when you still have something to give
Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying
Don’t be afraid to encounter risks
It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave 
Don’t shut love out of your life
By saving it is impossible to find
The quickest way to receive love is to give
The fastest way to give love is to give it wings
Don’t dismiss your dreams…

To be without dreams is to be without hope
To be without hope is to be without purpose
Don’t run through your life so fast that you forget
Not only where you’ve been but also where you’re going

LIFE is not a race
But a journey to be savored
Each step of the way… 


so near, yet so far
such a cliché, isn't it?
i'm practically at your door
but i don't have the courage to enter
being off alone in this chair
perhaps is much betterthat to see you face to face.the fire keeps burning on my lighter
but it seems so dark and lonely in this place...i can't dig my guts off inside
all these years have been so lonesome
'cause i shrugged my feelings far behind;
too far that you seem to be out of reach...ten o'clock appointments are like a hundred years
watching people come and go have brought me the greatest fears
knowing that i can't be around...some mission must have made it impossible
but having you here is so impossible, nay, unbearable.'cause after all these years,you've remained that lady who made my sunday mornings bright.it might be wishful thinking to say that being with you would make my everydays unburdened with angst and loneliness.would you help me find a cure or a remedy...'cause you're everything to me...i've saved a million souls before.but if it's not much,please be there to save me...'cause superheroes also fall. 

A Chance Encounter
The water, endless, stretched beyond their vision,or silvery, white rushing clear in the stream,was present at their reunion.Their almost chance encounter,on the beach....(where they talked miles through their lifetimes)was begun by her simple wish,"Let me just touch the water."The water,warmwashing shells in daytime,or soothing,lapping just below their feet at night,became their guide.The water saw their first kisson the beach at nightand burst like a fountainof stars into the heavens.Later still, their passion fell endlesslyas a waterfall sound pouring its love again and againon the new but reunited lovers.Their cries of love,ecstasy released into apool of waterresting,before flowing, dancingand laughingover rockstelling of their loveto the oceanwho has brought many loversto its sideto swim in water that seems,as does their love,to have no limits and no end. 


staring back with uncertainty --a true image or an aspiration?apprehension growing like vines on a clock tower. makes sense -- your scars are still painful. you are not ready to accept the brutal truth.old enough to have been violated repeatedly,young enough to keep the secret lockedsafe within your fragile body, yet not ready to accept the fact that it happened again.such gruesome behavior -- a tiger lashing at a defenseless hyena. you did all that you
could do given your handicap; your inability to emote.this is what causes the face in the mirror to appear ghastly.there is no blood coursing through your veins
enraging you,no heat radiating to make you
think.just simple stoicism. not a sneer. no fires blazing in your eyes, no devils evident.just a black hole where your heart should be,a purple and blue lump disguised a single tear.not even distance or vacancy.this is what you see when you look in the mirror and the mirror looks back,and talks back:“get out of this life. it’s not worth the pain”. 

Humid Evening

I finger gently the meshy steel diagonalsin our manufactured backyard fenceas lightning bugs dazzle a slow-dance in the swimmy summer-wet air.The therapeutic pendulum of a breeze-driven

willow branch entrances me, and merely glancing
at our telephone pole mutely poking into the yellow
setting sky flares a human fragrance in me.Grasp me by the arm and try to feel
my feelings if you can, as flimsy and confused
as the evening sounds reflecting about our
house and joining the silence of grass.Praise the Lord of Emptiness as evening's first
star suggests its way through the stratosphere,retinas all over the city tickling with its improbable
light. Breathe the whole slippery sky with me.Kings have died failing to acquire a splinter of ourwell-being. Look at the grass and the fireflies and the
fence, all swimming in a soup of quaintly offered
love from some source unknown despite knowers. 


Your glance is beautiful

when I muster the calm
courage to look you
in the eye.Your voice sounds
like a symphony
when I listen to all
of its overtones.Your heart sings
like a canary in a
cage, heedless of
supposed captivity.You light a candle
behind my eyes
which illuminates
my gloomy mind.Together we plunge
down this life's waterfall,two drops on our
way to the sea.We will not forget
these days nor want to.Our love has no relation
to time or place. We love 

Saturday Walk

I am nothing. I walk my

fleshy shell along the street,seeing the squirrels at play and
hearing the early spring birds.No, I am not invisible yet.This body has size and mass
and cruises well on automatic pilot.Any bird that cares can see me.But the breeze whistles in my ears
as if I were hollow, and that's how
I feel--ecstatically hollow--here for now, but empty of place.I am the neighborhood today--I am the sidewalk,
the bare butbudding trees. I am the children
on bicycles and skateboards.No iota in me stops
or diverts the fresh flowing of life.The sun shines straight through me,and I like the cool feeling inside.
Monday in the office
I will be something again.I will have a title and a salary
and a desk and a boss.Mondays must perhaps be.Deadlines, crises,
meetings, phone calls--all these may have their place.But walking now outdoors,I drift along free and empty.Nothing can touch mewhen I am nothing. 

Letting Go

March rattling the windows

and thoughts buzzing in my brain
keep me from dropping into
a Sunday afternoon nap.
Outside, the musical moans
of swaying trees rise and fall,and a persistent branch
rubs on the shingles above.Sinking now in spite of the noise,I drift down through my senses
toward the silky bliss
that beckons below.
Just at the point of falling free,
I hear a windy crescendo play catchy rhythms
on the window panes again.Allow me my nap,
dear windows.I am swaying with the trees.
Let me fall into the source.Let me fall....

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